Extra Noticioso!!! Cientificos Enseñan a delfines a cantar la cancion de Batman!!!!!!!

un grupo de cientificos en epcot center (Walt Disney World's )
han enseñado a los delfines a vocalizar y llevar el ritmo
para que puedan cantar el intro de la serie Batman!

el original en ingles
"The dolphin was reinforced for producing a specific rhythm to a specific object," says Harley.

"For example, when we presented him with a Batman doll, he received a fish for producing a specific rhythm, in this case, a short sound and then a long one."

"If you recall the original Batman TV series musical intro you'll probably remember the way they sang 'Bat-maaaaaaaan'," she adds.

The dolphin spontaneously vocalised to the rhythms, so the researchers started to reward the male with fish whenever it matched its 'singing' to the rhythms.